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Damaged and broken window replacement service

Many modern windows are tough and can withstand most of what is thrown at them. But there are times when something beats them, and window replacement is the only option. Lock & Window Doctor is here to help you assess whether a repair can work and if not, sort a replacement window for you.

Window Replacement

• Double glazing window replacement
• Help restore the home’s weatherproofing and security
• Repair options also available
• Locksmiths able to look at window lock problems

Glazing replacement

PVC is a popular choice for windows around Shropshire and is generally durable and long lasting.  But they can be damaged such as in high winds if large debris is thrown against them with force and may cause cracks to the glazing or serious damage to the frame.  That’s when we can look at double glazing replacement windows to restore the weatherproofing and security of your home.

If you have noticed a problem with a window in your home, then you can give us a call.  We don’t charge a call out charge and can come to see what the problem is.  We often can repair the problem as window repairs are a big part of what we do.  But if there’s no other choice, we can replace double glazed window or doors for you.

Lock replacement

If the window is okay but the lock on it is the problem, then it might be that we can offer lock replacement without the need to replace the whole window. As expert locksmiths, we work on a lot of properties where locks are needed to be repaired or replaced. So if this is the problem with your window, there may be other options apart from completely replacing it. We can carry out an assessment and give you our professional opinion on the best option.


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