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Shropshire’s local expert for locks & broken window and glazing repairs

The locks on your windows and doors are a key part of your home’s security and when something is wrong, it can be a big concern. If you need the services of an expert locksmith in Shropshire, you can turn to Lock and Window Doctor to help you out.


Our Services

• Expert locksmith services
• Here to help with lost keys or after a break in
• Lock repair and replacement
• Window repair services
• Repair and replace misted windows
• Door and window maintenance

Lock repair and replacement

We’ve all been there – you leave the house, lock the door and go about your business. You get home and realise that the keys are on the kitchen bench. You are locked out! But this doesn’t need to be cause for panic. We offer locksmith services across the area to help you get back into your home.

Sometimes the situation is a more unpleasant one. You have been burgled or someone has tried to break into the property. This can shatter your confidence in your home and the key to restoring it can be getting lock repair or even lock replacement, depending on the damage caused. This helps make the home safe and secure once more. We can also help with glazing repairs if there has been damage to windows.

Window repair services

Modern PVC windows are tough, as are traditional wooden windows. But there are times when you need someone to do some window repairs for you. You may need something like replacement of faulty seals or fixing a broken hinge. Or you might need us to repair & replace misted windows.

Whatever the situation we have no call out charge and can come and assess the job to give a no obligation quote. We also offer door & window maintenance to help keep everything in top working condition – this includes for patio doors as well as standard doors.


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Whether you are in need of an emergency locksmith, lock repair or replacement, or window repairs, our experienced team of professionals are here to help. Call us today for a free quote on 07834 532 164 / 01952 407217 or click the button below to send us an email.