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Window locks repaired and replaced across Shropshire

Windows are a key part of the home’s security but can also be a primary weakness. Most modern double glazed windows have good quality locking systems built into them, but they can still encounter problems. Here at Lock & Window Doctor, we can help with any problems with your window locks to help ensure they continue to do their part.

Window Lock Repair

• Window lock repair
• Available for UPVC, wood and aluminium frames
• Replacement locks fitted if necessary
• Other window problems handled

Window lock repair

Like all locks, window locks are made from a number of components.  And over time, these can wear down or become damaged.  Our window lock repair service is available across Shropshire and means we will come to see what needs to be done with the window.  In many cases, we have the expertise to repair the window lock and ensure it is back to top working condition.

On the odd occasion, there may be a more serious problem with the window lock.  In this situation, replacement may be needed but this doesn’t have to be a big job.  We can fit new window locks with minimum disruption to your day and ensure your home is secure once more.

All windows repaired

While UPVC windows are very popular, there are other options out there including wood and aluminium frames.  Whatever type of window you have, we can work on the locks to be certain they can do all of their jobs.  We can also look at other window problems such as broken hinges or handles or faulty draught seals.

We don’t have a call out charge so if you want us to take a look at a problem, just give us a call.  We can assess the problem and quote for what work may be needed – then it is up to you where we go from there!


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