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Hands up if you have ever got outside the front door, pulled the door shut to engage the locks and realised your keys are on the kitchen bench? We’ve all been there – it is a common problem with modern lock systems! Or maybe you have realised that your keys are no longer in your bag and you can’t find them anywhere. Whatever the situation, don’t panic because Lock & Window Doctor offer locksmith services across Shropshire to help out.

Locksmith Services

• Full locksmith services
• Lock repair available
• Lock replacement including after a burglary
• Other security measures can be added

Locksmith services

Our locksmith services are varied to suit the needs of our customers.  If you find you have locked the keys in the house or simply can’t find them anywhere, we can help you get in the house and then look at lock replacement with fresh keys. We can be with you within an hour of you calling us and we have no call-out charges as well as great prices for emergency services.

We also offer lock replacement services for windows as well as doors.  Windows can often be the weak point in home security and if you think the lock isn’t working properly, we can visit the property and fix it for you.  Or if there’s no way to fix it, we can replace it.

Lock repair

Having your home burgled or even an attempted break-in is a very traumatic experience and you can be left with a sense of feeling unsafe in your home. We can help with this problem by offering lock repair or lock replacement depending on the damage done and your preference. We can make sure your home is once more safe and help you build your confidence back up. There are even extra measures we can add such as security chains and peepholes to make you feel happy at home.


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Whether you are in need of an emergency locksmith, lock repair or replacement, or window repairs, our experienced team of professionals are here to help. Call us today for a free quote on 07834 532 164 / 01952 407217 or click the button below to send us an email.